dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

wow... ate yummy food last night and today... purged not so yummy... have not done that in a while and it felt way more gross then it did back when I did it everyday.. I have decided to fast again.. I started after I ate my mc donalds this afternoon. What the fuck was I thinking all this work and I am stupid enough to go right back to a size 24. At least that is how I acted all weekend... from now on... no more drinking.. pointless calories... not more fast food.. unless I imeditly purge and even with that no more then one time a week. I would not have eaten at all today or yesterday but the air conditionar at work is broken and it is 100 degrees in there and I was sweating and yucky all day... majorly dizzy.. I did not want to pass out at work so I figured I better eat something.. thats okay it is nicer out side so when I get home I will take a long walk with my puppy and then do about 1 million sit ups while I watch friends season 7... I just got it today! I love friends i have all seven seasons on dvd... then for dinner I will just have a glas of orange juice. then to bed it is ready to start another day with no food... FASTING... that is it..
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