dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

And sooooo.....

I woke up this morning 3 pounds lighter. Makes me feel good. However I don't feel very good other wise.. last night my sister came over I let it slip I was doing a liquid fast and she practily force fed me pizza... after she left I purged all that was left. I was super worried I would gain because of it but luckliy I did not. Anyway I am most likely on my own this evening so the fast will hopefuly not be failed again... I am very dizzy today been having a hard time focusing at work.. locked my keys in the house and such... pretty out of it.. does any one here also have ADD? I notice when I do not eat my ADD Meds don't work as well.. however they do surpress my appitite I just need to be able to focus at work I will need to bring in an apple or something...
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