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I feel like absolute crap. I was doing fine all day but now I am so dizzy.. so I went and got a candy bar and some chips from the vending machine but it did not help at all and now I also feel guilty. I want to go home.. I am at work and the day is just dragging.. I only have 2 hours left.. and I have pff this weekend so it is cool.. Do any of you ever get obbsessed with thinking about food when you are fasting... I have noticed the last three days now.. although I have broken the fast several times I have been obbsessed with food.. for instance I want nachos soooooo bad.. I also want these burrito things from the place I always used to go to.. Also a chicken ranch burger from Dennys and about 5 pounds of freanch fries.. Plus I wil love to have a cheestake and WINGS.... lots of ranch Dressing for dipping.. and double cheese burgers... I think I have a problem.. In fact I know.. it back to feeling sorry for myself...
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