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Now both my scales are broken and I am pissed off the one keeps saying error and reads out over 300 pounds when I weigh myself.. my friend who is also anna weighted herself while drunk on it and did not relize it was messed up and had a nervouse break down... cause the scale was rissing higher and higher and she was at 400 pounds when my fiance pulled her off of the scale so she would stop freaking out... lol.. it was a little funny after she relized it was a broken scale but at first being as she was very very very very drunk it was not so fun.... So i think I am just gonna spend some money and get an awsome scale with body fat mass thingy and everything and I am not gonna keep it in the bathroom cause two of them broke in there i think maybe they got wet... I will have to try new batteries in the one first but the other one is like a lithium battery with a lifetime warrenty... oh well i want one with the fat mass too cause then I can see if that is going down...

So I did well this weekend...

Friday- I went all day the only thing I had
was a can of chicken broth 10 calories
and 55 gold fish 150 calories

saturday- I went to all you can eat breakfast but purged all of that... later i did drink a bit but just shots so the calories where extremly low on that... while drunk i did have a little ice cream and perogies witch are low...

sunday- I had soup 150 calories and I had mexican food witch I purged...

monay- I don't even want to go there because it was not good

I did work out for at least an hour each day in addition to over 100 SIT UPS IN MY COOL NEW AB ROLLER.... so i am not to worried..but i am a little worried
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