dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

I am proud of my self.. since I started back on my add meds (they surpress appitite) and been taking my vitiams and diet pills I feel great... I have eaten very little and it feels great.. I hope to drop maybe one more size by easter... i am like at a half size right now so it is possible.. if my family does not relize i lost weight at easter I could very well cry my eyes out... When I first lost people noticed a bunch but now very few... since I have not seen my family in a while I am hopping that they will... when other people acknowlege that thye see a change it helps me relize it is real not just in my head..

So I am fasting until saturday... I started with restriction yesterday and today i am going full fledge fasting... thursday.. hopefuly the same... friday also...

only juice and chicken brooth

anyone want to fast with me
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