dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

I feel so great.....

I never felt fasting would feel this good.. I have tried numerous times and never reached day two... Although in comparison to others 1 day is nothing I feel very acomplished... I am not even dizzy or anything.. I feel a little nauses but i think that is from my medicine.. I want to go at least all day to day but I would be really really happy if I can go till sunday.. I think I am not gonna have my chicken brooth untill I feel I really need something.. or if I get dizzy... limiting myself to juice and brooth occasionaly fresh fruit or vegies.. but they will be very limited.

I will have a very hard time tonight because my sister is a very good purswader and she always makes me eat... if i have to eat because of her.. it will be my chicken brooth soup or salad with no dressing... I don't know... anyway.. anyone have tips on avioding her temptaions
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