dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

Good Morning!

Well it would be a good morning if I had went to bed.. i was up all night long.. sorry about all thouse post I was bored stiff.. I am at work now I will be here for about 5 hours and then I am going to a family party wich will be a lot of fun.. i hope.. I feel so gross.. my sister came over and we ordered chinese food... I did not eat it all.. I did not purge after because she is already suspicious.. so instead i got my puppy and me and a friend walked 8 miles... we danced for an hour.. i did some toning and then I did 500 sit ups... I being wide awake when the sun came up went on another 2 mile walk with my baby (dog)! So all is good I do not feel bad about eating however physicly I feel pretty yucky.. I feel all yucky.. Upset stomach... well it will keep me from eating since i feel so shitty and I should defintly sleep well tonight... Anyway... I have not made an offical plan for the day... oh the good news is even with the take out I went down more.. to 255 pounds
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