dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

Good Morning!

Good Morning! I am feeling thin today... I have my pants the used to be to tight on and a new shirt that is a lot more reveling the I would have worn in the past. I am feeling good.. Went from a size 24 to a 20. I need to get some new pants just because I want to. Well and the ones I have now fall down. Anyway my fast I was planning yesterday never happened. So today I will actualy truthfuly start my fast.

I have a wedding to go to one friday wich will be nice so I plan on fasting until friday evening. I will eat at the wedding. I will just dance the pounds off all night

I wish it would stop raining!! It has been raing for 3 days non stop

I was doing really good walking 8 miles or more day with my little puppy.. but we get soaked when we go out now so we limit it to about .5 miles.. it sucks and i hate it.. I did do my sit ups and all but it was nothing compared to my usual... I may drag my fat ass(thinks optimiscly tiny ass to the gym since the rain is not going any where....

We shall see!'

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