dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

Weighed in at 255 this morning. So I am happy I am back down to the weight I was before easter. All is good again.. now as far as my fast... ummm I suck at fasting I made it to dinner and then I ate a huge salad... however i did not stop there.. I also ate soft pretzels.. ham sandwich, two cream eggs, cake, this other choclate egg thingy, and whatever else I could fit in my mouth... yuck... I purged a few times yesterday.. now my throught hurts... yuckaroo... I also have these nastey rash on my face.. i get it sometime when I vomit... I think I need to get a compact to cover it up cause purging is now a way of life. Does anyone else have that problem? So I did bad yesterday but I still lost.. plus I did 700 sit ups... I could not walk because it is still raining... NOTHING TO EAT TODAY!!!
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