dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

so anyway back to why i was prcrastinating about working out I know this is lame but i had nothing to wear. However I did go to targety last night and picked myself up two work out offits. They are pretty cute. I am worried I may not be able to find my tennis shoes.. all I have been wearing lately have been flip flops and work shoes.. maybe I will go myself a pair on my lunch break. I have a late lunch break today at 2:15 i hate it cause it feels like you are never gonna get to take a break but i like it cause by the time i get to 2:30 I feel like why eat now... I am half way through the day however that spagetti is calling me name.. Mary Mary eat me you can always throw up after.. Man I would do it too but yesterday when I purged I caughed up a little blood and now my throught hurts so I want to take a break from it for a bit at least a day.. okay well I am off for now..
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