dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote,

still stuck a 223 pounds... the scale has been the same for two weeks now.. I am gonna have to work harder I am determined to stick to my liquid fast today no matter what I need to see a change before I give up all hope and just gain back all the weight I have lost. Lastight my fiance said my stomach was getting smaller.. made me smile.. My friend who lost over 100 pounds with anna last year gave me a bunch of her old clothing.. My short term goal is to get into these really cute jeans she gave me they are a size 18 I am surently in a size 22 I was is a snug 24 when I began. So i know I am slowly showing signs of going down. I just wish it was faster. I feel like it is taking forever. my friend is getting married on april 16th my goal was to be under 200 pounds by then... it is still possible I guess but i will have to kick but.. I am gonna do some exercise tonight.. I need to get back into that.. I have a gym membership but the one down the street from me decided they where going to close so I would have to drive 30 minutes everyday to get to the gym and considering the gas prices ijust would hate that... I think i might go back to weith watchers.. I will get support that way... plus they don't get on you for loseing to much or anything like that at least where I go and if they ever did I could just leave. With weight watchers it is also good because you pay weekly but you can go to as many meetings as you need so I think i will go like monday, wensday and friday nights... something like that cause i defintly need the support.. I have no willpower other wise.. if I have someone tracking my progress it will feel more real. All I know right now is that giving up is not an option.. I hate that I always give up when I try to loose weight...

and so I am rambling... sorry about that
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