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Okay so day to is as follows...
did well all day nothing to eat. walked 8 miles and did 500 sit ups... at 10:00 when I reached a full 2 days i broke my fast. So i did complete a full 2 days.... wich for me is a miricle.. so I am happy even though I wanted to go till sunday.. I did well though I ate very little compared to binges of the past. I ate:
4 soft pretzels 190 * 4 = 760 calories
half a cup of frozen yogurt= 240 calories
30 freanch fries= 300 calories
half of oatmeal cream pie= 75 calories
total = 1375 calories
not bad plus I pruged so that got rid of most i hope.. as well as I burned over 300 calories so I am not worried...

I over slept this morning so i did not get to weigh myself... but i think i proubly stayed the same as yeasterday...

Have any of you experianced this???
Since I habve been loosing weight and being so body consious I have noticed other peoples flaws a lot... for instance there is a gilr I work with i always considered skinny but since i have been doing this i have noticed she has a double chin and a belly... i think this kinda sucks.. i do not want to be the girl who judges other people cause i would hate to have people judge me.. however... it makes me feel good tonotice I am not the only one with inperfections..

Oh well as for today I am starting another fast.. as of 2:00 this morning...when I ate my soft pretzel.. lol ... i will go at least until easter dinner...

wish me luck
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